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Ron Tanzi Reads The Road Not Taken

Over the past couple of months, parents and educators around the world have been creating innovative ways to keep their young ones engaged while also maintaining social distancing. 

We learned that long-time “family” member of Masque Family Theater, Ron Tanzi, a professor from Seattle, WA. has spent some of his time picking out illustrated books and creating recordings for his grandchildren to watch, who he has been separated from during Covid-19. After discussing what we could do to involve MFT in something like this, he was kind enough to dedicate his time to create a personalized recording just for us! 

Ron Tanzi has been a major part in Larry’s Masque Theater as well as currently in Masque Family Theater!  Founder Jen Hunt and Ron met almost 50 years ago at Eastern Washington State College where they were studying theater and art.  We were elated to reconnect with Ron and learn of his creative way to “bridge-the-distance” between family members during this time. 

Ron’s choice of book is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, published by Familius with beautiful illustrations from Vivian Mineker.  

Upon receiving the video from Ron a short while after discussing it, we were even more surprised to find that he had photoshopped pictures of our masks and family into it, a small piece that makes all the difference!  We at MFT are so excited to share this video and the work of Ron Tanzi, Robert Frost and Vivian Mineker with you!

For more information on Familius Publishers visit:

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