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Our Second Trip to Five Points Gallery

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

After our first visit to the Five Points Gallery in Torrington a couple of weeks ago, we decided to head back over to see their new (and current show) What Does Blue Sound Like, by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan. 

Once again, we were greeted at the door by the Five Points’ innovative solution to social distancing; a sign in sheet, extra masks, hand sanitizer and individual clean pens for single use. We then proceeded around the gallery again in total awe, the artists showcased used vibrant colors with amazing texture and technique.  

Luckily enough for us, we visited at a time when Ellen Hackl Fagan herself was there.  After talking for a while about her work, artistic choices and introducing her to Masque Family Theater, she mentioned when her kids were in school and had seen Larry perform. It was an amazing connection made from a coincidence and great timing.  

We also talked to Ellen about herself and learned about her space in New York, NY. called Odetta Gallery, which we hope to visit once travelling is safe again! 

Check Out Odetta Gallery’s Website:

After visiting and chatting for quite some time, my intern Courtney and I began our way up to the Five Points’ new space in Torrington.  This past year, the gallery purchased UConn’s prior Torrington campus equipped with tons of space and so much potential for the arts. 

We were lucky once again to catch Judith McElhone at a free moment, the Founder & Executive Director of Five Points Gallery.  Judith was more than kind enough to give myself and Courtney a tour of their new space which blew us away, dozens of rooms, a courtyard, a greenhouse and outdoor spaces were just some of the things that struck us. 

The goal was explained as an artistic, creative and collaborative space which schools, individuals and businesses can use to create or enjoy.  The most intriguing part to us is the anticipated 20+ acre sculpture park centered around the environment with pieces from local artists.

Our Friday afternoon was more than just a fun day out, we were able to learn and network with artists and creatives about upcoming art news in CT.  We are more than excited for the Five Points Gallery to renovate their new space so we can visit once again!

Check Out Five Points Gallery’s Website:

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