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Masqued Memories: Update on a Work in Progress

Jen Hunt, MFT Artistic Director and Courtney Klimak, Peach Orchard Board Secretary socially distance in front of the Caroline Ferriday garden.

We took a quick field trip up the road to the Bellamy-Ferriday House on Saturday. With a grant from the Ferriday Fund, we have been consulting with the Bellamy-Ferriday House, Bethlehem Library, and the Bethlehem Historical Society to produce a series of audio visual sketches called Masqued Memories narrated by Edgar, America’s (self-proclaimed) Favorite Poet. Masque Family Theater will bring to life Bethlehem’s local past in a light hearted, truthful, and accessible way for audiences of all ages, this coming spring.

Just before the Covid shut down in February, Edgar performed a short sketch about Reverend Joseph Bellamy for the Bethlehem Land Trust’s Mid-Winter Bellamy Bonfire. Seeing an otherwise archaic character portrayed in a tongue and cheek comedic style, residents enjoyed a bit of Bethlehem’s history. This event inspired another appearance for this character, which started this memory project.

Using interviews of town residents from 1996 and 1997, themes of farming, small town politics, and those who “followed their stars to Bethlehem,” voices are taking on masks of their own. When you hear someone you knew, talk about your town, it carries a reminiscence that is heartwarming. Stay tuned for the 2021 debut/spring event on the grounds of this beautiful historic home.

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