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Masque Family Theater Gets A Jumpstart

A recent grant from the Arts Workforce Initiative charged up the creative juices of Masque Family Theater to continue its work. The inertia built up by the recent Covid19 shut-down masked itself in precious time to write grants, connect with artists around the world, conceive new pieces, make new masks and puppets, but most of all to realize the need for art.

The Arts Workforce Initiative (AWI) is a paid apprenticeship program that gives Connecticut college students, emerging creatives and military veterans an opportunity to gain high-level professional work experience with not-for-profit arts and cultural organizations throughout the state.

In one short week, our new intern Courtney Klimak, jumped on our moving train helping to create a new direction for Masque Family Theater. Utilizing her skills as a dedicated art major, she realized the need to upgrade our web presence. With loads of information, photos and videos she nailed the Home and About sections on our new website.

Link to Courtney's website:


Artist Spotlight

Adelka Polak of Sova Dance and Puppet Theater has been working off and on with Masque Family Theater since 2010. Her work celebrates humanity and the environment by engaging audiences through live performance combining the moving body, puppetry, mask, video, dance, and artistic installations. Adelka’s encouragement was an integral part of Masque Theater evolving into Masque Family Theater. She performed her dynamic piece, Born in Clay, for the opening reception at the 550 Gallery. It was also incorporated into our newest show Animal Ensemble.

Link to Sova Dance and Puppet Theater:

Link to 550 Gallery:

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