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Field trip to Five Points Gallery

When the idea of Masque Family Theater started to pick-up speed last spring, I asked the advice of a much admired visionary at the Five Points Gallery in Torrington, Judith McElhone. Judith is an artist, teacher, and might I say,  the backbone of a gallery that serves CT artists and art enthusiasts.

After patiently listening to my ideas about giving a new face to my theater and taking on the artistic direction of what had been primarily my husband’s work, she surprised me with her answer. 

“Yes,” she said, “Go for it. What do you have to lose?” 

She gave me such support with other suggestions for starting up and sent me off with an almost mandatory directive. 

So taking my wonderful intern Courtney out for a bit of networking exploration was welcome work for us. We took Friday afternoon to visit the Five Points Gallery to see their current exhibition before it was taken down.  

We were greeted at the door by a wonderful creative solution to the COVID-19 situation; a sign-in book with fresh, unused pens for each person to use, hand sanitizer and even masks for those who forget to bring their own.  

The space itself included installations, paintings and works from artists like Don Bracken, Jacqueline Metheny and Suzan Scott.  We marveled at all of the work, talked about processes, materials and we picked out our favorite pieces.

The afternoon of “work” felt more to us like a field trip out of the office!  We anticipate going back together to see the studio spaces which Five Points Gallery has resident artists in and talking with them about their work. 

Check out Five Points Gallery's website:

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