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Family Ties, Around the World

A memory resurfaced recently, as a life-changing theater workshop at the Celebration Barn Theater in Maine. I decided to give myself a theater jumpstart/retreat. One week with two artists, commedia and clowning with Julie Goell and Avner Eisenberg.

Julie Goell was a brilliant physical performer appearing in music, theater, film and television. After living and performing abroad in Rome, Italy she moved to New York; acting on Broadway and directing for the Spoleto Festival and Epcot center.  Julie then moved to teaching alongside her husband, Avner Eisenberg at the Celebration Barn in Portland, ME.  

You can see one of Julie’s performances here:

My experience with Avner Eisenberg left me with the indelible lesson of treating the audience with respect. The concept of touching the audience with humor and character left an impact on me that has now become one of the main factors of Masque Family Theater’s mission.

I will never forget the welcome message about theater as family. The work was organized after a family therapy session focused on the two art forms, commedia and clowning. Much of theater is deeply connected to “mesearch.”  Just as a mask hides and reveals, you as a performer hide the real you and reveal something else. That something else has a life and power to reach inside and touch us. 

So as we formulate our mission as a new Masque Family Theater, I decided to contact another “family member” that does brilliant non-verbal work. I was lucky enough to have been to the International Puppet Days Festival in Izmir, Turkey in 2013 so I contacted Laura Kibel from Italy; who performs in a way many cannot believe. 

I inquired with Laura about her performance at the International Puppet Festival Smirne which I saw live in 2013.  Inspired and in awe, I asked for her approval to share the video which I took.  Given a thumbs up from Laura, we have included the video below for you to enjoy and view!

Link to The Celebration Barn:

Link to Laura Kibel’s Website:

Link to Izmir International Puppet Days:

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