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Family Ties

Just as Masque Family Theater was gearing up for a face lift and started to plan a 550 Gallery exhibit last year, I saw a notice about a dawn bagpipe event sponsored by the Arts Alliance of Woodbury. Thinking it would be a perfect opportunity to don our Scottish tartan, we headed down to the Hollow Park in Woodbury.

It was a cultural delight and we reconnected with members of the Alliance that would move on to encourage Masque Family Theater’s new phase. Their support has been surprisingly helpful. When asked to serve on the AAW Board, I was told that “The board might do more for me, than I would do for them.”  It wasn’t clear to me then, but I see now that networking is essential to keeping up in the arts world, this is something that being on the AAW board has encouraged greatly for us at Masque Family Theater.

One of the first items discussed at a meeting was the annual Citizens’ Art Award. It didn’t take too much discussion to decide the tremendous ties with the Woodbury Public Library and how great working with them would be! They had hosted a members’ exhibit and much more throughout the year. So when board members were asked to give engraved gifts to the three recipients, it became an opportunity to ham it up and bring on the masques.

We look forward to working with both in the future and ramping up the opportunities for connection and networking within the arts world!

Link to Arts Alliance of Woodbury Website:

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